How to

November 14, 2016

How to buy bitcoins?

Step1: Get a Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin wallets are like your bank accounts where you buy and keep your Bitcoins safe.

Step2: Buy Bitcoins from your Wallet.

Step3: Buy anything using the Bitcoins from your Wallet.


How to setup IPTV Stalker on Kodi?
  • Go to settings and then addons.
  • Click on My Addons.
  • Click on PVR Clients.
  • Click on Stalker client.
  • step5
  • Click on Configure
  • .
    • Click on Portal 1, and then enter the MAC ADDRESS and SERVER ADDRESS we sent you.
    • After entering the info accurately, press "OK"
  • Click on "Enable".
  • step8
  • Go back to the main settings and click on TV.
  • step9
  • From the TV settings Select "Enabled".
  • step10
    • At this stage it is very important that you reboot your device to avoid authentication errors.
    • After reboot TV section will appear, click on TV and enjoy your subscription with us.

    How to setup Server 4 on an Android device?

    Server 4 setup instructions.

  • Open your INTERNET browser.
  • Type in:
  • Click on Download.
  • Open your FILE MANAGER.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Open it
  • Click settings
  • Enable installation from Unknown source
  • Click Next
  • Click Install.
  • Open the APP.
  • Bring up the settings by pressing the setup button on your remote.
  • Click Settings
  • Click Profiles.
  • Click STB Configuration.
  • Change the MAC address with the one we sent you
  • Reboot your device.

  • How to run IPTV on android devices using STB Emulator Application?
    • Click on the Top Right corner and then select "Settings"
    • Click on Profile.
    • Click on New Profile.
    • Click on STB Configuration
    • Click on MAC address, and enter the MAC address we sent you.
    • Go back and click on Portal settings.
    • Click on Portal URL and enter the Portal URL we sent you.
    • Go back and click on Save and restore settings.
    • Lastly reboot your device and the subscription will start working when you open the APP.

    How to run IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs using SMART STB Application?

    First you need to register your TV at SMART STB Website using your TV MAC address . Then activate your free 7 day trial. After activation you get a Virtual mac address and an option to create a custom portal. You then send us the Virtual Mac address from the settings and we send you our PORTAL URL to complete the setup.