November 14, 2016

Do you offer free trials?

No we don’t offer trials. All of our servers have been tested by over 500 people before making them available to you to ensure their stability and reliability. So the job has already been done for you. Now, you can buy with confidence as long as you like the channels list.

Can I run one subscription on multiple devices?

One subscription will work on one device only since each device is connected with an unique mac address. If a client tries to run same subscription on multiple devices the system will automatically block his/her service.

How long does it take you to activate my account?

Your subscription will be activated and emailed within the next 24 hours of your order to the email address used during payment. However, there are times when a subscription can take up to 48 hours or longer before you receive your subscription information, so please be patient. Instructions will also be sent once ordered.

Can I switch from one server to another?

Unfortunately no, once we activate your account it is impossible for us to switch servers. The action of creating an user and adding months to the account is irreversible. So please make sure to order the right server beforehand.

Can I run multiple servers on my device?

Yes you can. Most of the devices allow you to run minimum two servers.

Why is my subscription down or freezing?

Please verify the following:

  • INTERNET CONNECTION: You should always try to connect your device directly via Ethernet cable to get the best INTERNET connection possible. When you are connected using WIFI, it is most likely that the network will drop and if it drops for one second the live channel will freeze.
  • RECOMMENDED INTERNET SPEED: The recommend speed for running any IPTV server is 10mb/s or more. Note that the UHD/4K channels might require higher speed. Sometimes even the fastest INTERNET might result in freezing if the network is not stable. So make sure your INTERNET speed is consistent.
    – You could check your INTERNET speed here: http://beta.speedtest.net/
  • DEVICE LAGGING: If you see the server starts to freeze after 4-5 minutes of watching you know that your device or the router is lagging and cannot keep up with the load. Rebooting the device and the router can solve the issue temporarily.
  • UPDATE: Always keep your device up to date. Sometimes when your box is updated automatically you might need to reboot your device for the server to work again.
  • MAC CHANGED: If you are running an android device make sure the mac address we activated for you is the one you are still using to connect to the server. When you uninstall the app or clear the cache from the app it will give you new mac address every time. In that case, contact us and we will get you a new mac address.
  • EXPIRED: If you get STB blocked message, you subscription is probably expired.

How to Factory reset an AVOV box?

1) Unplug the power from your device but keep the HDMI in.
2) Get a pin or toothpick or something and press and hold the small reset button next to the power on the back of your box.
3) Hold the button for 10 seconds and while holding the button down, put the power plug back in.
4) Continue to hold the button for another 5 seconds and then let go of the button.
5) The box will reboot into console mode and from here you will select factory data reset.
6) Let the box reboot and now any software issues should be gone. If you for some reason load into the same screen, click the normal boot up which is the first option.
7) Your box should now work just fine.